Club Notices

Our 2021-2022 Season of events has now ended. We will be back in September with a new season of meetings and events.

We shall continue to meet up with various events throughout the Summer, mostly on a Wednesday evening

Please visit the Events Page for further details

Feel free to come along and meet us!


If you would like to support our Club please consider buying a lottery ticket from the BH Coastal Lottery and designate the Club as your cause to support. Not only does the Club benefit but also the local community.


*If you would like to join our meetings please contact us at chair@parkstonecameraclub to register your interest.

If you would like to join Parkstone Camera Club then please use the following link to our membership form.

Please visit the site regularly to keep in touch with the Status of the club's meeting programme.

Haydn Morris opt




This is my second full season at the club and I have not regretted joining.   Not only is it a very social and friendly club my photographic skill has improved significantly as a result of talking and taking the plunge to have my photos critiqued and through competition.

I started to take an interest in photography in my teens in the days of film, advidly reading books and magazines about theory and technique but with little opportunity to put theory into practice.   I learnt darkroom technique at university as part of my Town Planning course and dabbled on an off with holiday shots and photos of the family growing up.   Digital opened up the world of photography I could only dream of in my teens, with the ease of processing and the ability to take numerous shots without the huge costs associated with film.

With the possibility of an 'early retirement' I decided to  'relearn from basics' and enrolled on a photo evening class, which filled in gaps in my basic photo kowledge, 'joining the dots' of the little I knew.  Now I am putting that knowledge into practice and learning more each day.

Its great to share knowledge and experience with others and the club is a great place to do this - with no hierarchy or clique - even though I am Nikon through and through.