Club Notices

Our season is now over

We start again with our Welcome Evening on the 4th September in the Church Hall


We have number of Summer Events planned - Please see our Outings & Events page 



If you would like to support our Club please consider buying a lottery ticket from the BH Coastal Lottery and designate the Club as your cause to support. Not only does the Club benefit but also the local community.

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*If you would like to join our meetings please contact us at to register your interest.

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My Master Piece Competition - the Gallery specified for this competition alternates each year.
and may also change at short notice.

It will either be The National Gallery in London: visit the website:

or the Tate Modern Gallery : visit the website:


2019 - 2020 SEASON: The National Gallery
2020 - 2021 SEASON: The Tate Modern
2021 - 2022 SEASON: The National Gallery
2022 - 2023 SEASON: The Tate Modern

and so on.........

The Objective of this competition is to select a piece of work from a "Master" Painting that inspires you, then using your imagination create your own interpretation of it photographically.
We are not expecting, nor wanting, a faithful reproduction! 

Take a look at paintings on display at the current gallery.  (see The Venue Calendar above)
Then select a painting that inspires you. 
Using that as a starting point (it must be a Master Piece from this gallery), use your imagination to produce your own interpretation of the painting photographically.

**Each member may submit up to two entries, each for a different Master Piece.
The image showing your interpretation must have been taken using the photographic process, and all elements of this final image must be the sole copyright of the author.

This is a Projected Digital Images competition only. 
On the evening, the original Master Piece will be shown followed by your interpretation of it which will then be judged. 
(The National Gallery have given consent for us to do this!)

**Note: After submitting the images using the new "Web Entry System" (see below) A link to the original Master Piece file chosen from the above gallery should be emailed to the Assistant competition Secretary.
(email this link to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with your name, competition, and any other relevant details)

Entries should be submitted in line with other PDI rules - see section on League Competition Rules.

Unless otherwise instructed - Images shall be submitted to the Assistant Competition Secretary by using the new "Web Entry" system
no later than seven days prior to the competition.
See the article "Preparing for PDI Web Entry" for more information.
Any image exceeding the specified criteria and/or dimensions or file size will be rejected

The winning entrant is awarded the Val Williams Trophy which will be presented at the AGM.