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 Three way split competition

This competition is to encourage members to present a panel of three images with a common subject or theme.  

The competition is for PRINTS  and the subject or theme is the choice of the photographer
the entries are made up of three distinct images.
The images  are to be displayed together as a 'panel

The three images can be separate Images which have a connection, or in the form of a "Triptych"

Here is one definition of a 'Triptych':

The three panels of a triptych can vary; sometimes they may flow together to form a single unified scene, or they may each function as a separate image; but usually there will be a strong sense of visual coherence.
Ways to achieve this include a continuous horizon line or background, a unified palette, consistent handling of the subject matter, or a progression or continuity of theme or subject.
The word triptych has its origins in the Greek 'triptykhos' meaning three-layered.


  1. Each entry shall consist of three image on a common theme or subject.  The three images will be viewed together and should have an obvious connection with each other.   The nature of the connection is up to the photographer, and could be based on  content, colour, mood or anything else considered appropriate. 
  2. All entries shall conform to the requirements set down for league competition rules.
  3. Enties may be all colour or all monochrome, or a combination of both.
  4. None of the images should have been previously entered in any other competition.  They can, however, be used in future club competitions.
  5. The images will be viewed and judged together, as a set, by either the members present or by an external judge.
  6. Each of the three prints should be identified with the entrants name plus an optional title.  In addition should have the word  'left', 'centre' and 'right' - being the relative position of each print - as viewed from the front by the judge and the audience.

an example: