Club Notices

Our season is now over

We start again with our Welcome Evening on the 4th September in the Church Hall


We have number of Summer Events planned - Please see our Outings & Events page 



If you would like to support our Club please consider buying a lottery ticket from the BH Coastal Lottery and designate the Club as your cause to support. Not only does the Club benefit but also the local community.

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*If you would like to join our meetings please contact us at to register your interest.

If you would like to join Parkstone Camera Club then please use the following link to our membership form.

Please visit the site regularly to keep in touch with the Status of the club's meeting programme.

Parkstone Camera Club runs a series of competitions throughout the season.

Competition nights are very popular, and competitions fall into different categories, taxing many aspects of the entrant's photographic prowess.

Poole Town Crier
Poole Town crier shows a
caring side to club member Lyn!

Our In-House Studio evenings and Presentations can inspire our members - which leads them to create and participate in competition entries. 

League competition evenings

Held through the season, they carry points that go towards prestigious awards made by the club.
There are now just TWO league entry Categories (Mediums), Prints & Projected Digital Images (PDI).
Subjects for the entries are either open or set.  The set subject/s will be agreed at the AGM and put onto the club website.   The club programme will define which of the competition evenings are either set or open subject.
A judge external to the club is appointed to cast comment and critical appreciation of the entries, and give awards.
Comments from judges are intended to be constructive and informative for the  future endeavours of entrants and other members alike.

*Note: The Submission Deadline for both PDI Images & PRINTS is:  ONE WEEK BEFORE THE EVENT.
*Note: The Club is now using a new 'Web Entry' system as a preferred method of submitting Projected Digital Image (PDI) entries.

PRINTS are submitted to The Competition Secretary in person
PDI image files are submitted to the Assistant Competition Secretary (via the Web Entry System)
View the Competition RULES - see the club's MEETINGS PROGRAMME for Competition Dates, subject matter and submission Deadlines


The SET SUBJECT for various competitions are set at the beginning of each season (September to May)

*Before submitting entries, please read the appropriate Competition RULES 
and see the club's MEETINGS PROGRAMME for Competition Dates, subject matter and submission Deadlines


These non-league Competitions below, are not normally judged formally, as the League Competitions are.
*Please remember - the Submission Deadline is the same:  ALWAYS 7 DAYS PRIOR TO THE COMPETITION

*AV (AUDIO VISUAL) Competition:

Competition DATE: to be advised

Members submit a five minute long presentation of a mixture of Audio & Visual elements
see the AV Rules 

*MY MASTERPIECE:  This Competition is not being run this year

Medium: PDI

Competition DATE: to be advised

*note: The venue for this competition alternates each SEASON !
(September to May)

for 2019-2020 SEASON it is: The NATIONAL Gallery 
for 2020-2021 SEASON it is: The TATE MODERN Gallery
for 2021-2022 SEASON it is: The NATIONAL Gallery 
for 2022-2023 SEASON it is: The TATE MODERN Gallery

Competition DATE: to be advised

visit the website:

visit the website:

See the RULES - see the club's MEETINGS PROGRAMME

*ANYTHING GOES:  This competition is not being run this year

Medium: PRINTS

Competition DATE: to be advised

Just as the title suggests - let your imagination run wild for this one!
The Objective of this competition is using imagination to create something which is more than just a print mounted on a piece of card.
The emphasis in this competition is fun and humour is much appreciated.
The picture must be primarily photographic but outside attachments are fine.
See the RULES - see the club's MEETINGS PROGRAMME



Competition DATE: to be advised

The Objective of this competition is to encourage photographers to achieve a panel of prints with a theme, without the expense of producing entries for a full blown panel competition.
Each entry should consist of between five and ten en-prints (maximum size 7" x 5", and they may be trade processed), mounted as a panel, on a board not exceeding 20" x 16".
All prints should not have been entered previously in this competition.

My-Garden-320Example enprint entry - 'my Garden'

Each member may submit two entries.

For the full explanation see the Enprint Panel Competition RULES

The winning entrant will be awarded the Joe Hudson Trophy which will be presented at the AGM.

Full Information on all of these competitions can be found in the various competitions rules sections and other fun evenings.
For the full list see the MEETINGS PROGRAMME.