Club Notices

Our season is now over

We start again with our Welcome Evening on the 4th September in the Church Hall


We have number of Summer Events planned - Please see our Outings & Events page 



If you would like to support our Club please consider buying a lottery ticket from the BH Coastal Lottery and designate the Club as your cause to support. Not only does the Club benefit but also the local community.

 Support Parkstone Camera Club when you play BH Coastal Lottery - BH Coastal Lottery 

*If you would like to join our meetings please contact us at to register your interest.

If you would like to join Parkstone Camera Club then please use the following link to our membership form.

Please visit the site regularly to keep in touch with the Status of the club's meeting programme.



    1. All entries must be submitted as 8bit jpeg files (no other format is accepted), have maximum dimensions of 1600px wide and 1200px high regardless of orientation, have a maximum file size of 10Mb and be in sRGB colour space.
    2. Entries can only be made using the PhotoEntry Portal - found here -                                   using your username and password.  The competition secretary will allocate individual usernames and provide instruction on setting a password.  General guidelines as to the use of the PhotoEntry Portal are given below. 
    1. From the Main Menu select the Competition Group. This will be e.g. the competitions for a particular season.
    2. Select the competition. You can only submit/change/delete entries when the competition is “Open”.
    3. Check the number of entries that you are allowed for this competition. It is shown as "Entries Allowed" on the entry screen. The number of entries varies by competition and by the class that you are in.
    4. Export your images as a jpeg. Pay particular attention to the image dimensions, and the colour space. It doesn't matter what the filenames are. You cannot upload a jpeg that is larger than 10MB. 
    5. Click on “Add New Entry”.
    6. Supply a Title (watch out for the limited characters you can use), optionally supply a Reference, and select the publishing options and click “Save”.
    7. Upload the correct number of images. This will normally be one per entry, but could be higher for different competitions (e.g. My masterpiece).
    8. Once the messages for the entry are green, your entry is accepted.  You will get a warning if you have used the wrong colour space.  You may still have a warning about image dimensions. This warning is only because your image is below the maximum size permitted.
    9. Add further entries if you want to and have not already reached the limit for your class. The "Add New Entry" button will only be visible when the Competition is “Open” and you are allowed more entries.
    10. It is recommended that you enter images in your order of preference.  If an image needs to be discarded due to there being too many for judging,  then this will be the image at the bottom of the list.
    11. The PhotoEntry Portal has a Help section and The PDI competition secretary can be contacted for advice on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.